An artist living in Paris

Hi, I'm James Pouliot!

8 years already! That's how long I have lived in France. And what an amazing journey it has been for me creatively and professionally. I am a photographer specializing in portraits. Almost 90 percent of my clients are from North American and over the years during my photoshoots I noticed how much I enjoyed talking to my clients about France and Paris. Sometimes after a photoshoot I would sit with my clients in a cafe and just talk; That's when I realized I really loved sharing this city with people and why I conceived of Paris Art Walk Tours. To just do more of what I love and what comes naturally to me. 

Sharing my love of Paris and my love of art, what could be better! 

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Paris Art Walk Tours, an idea is born!

I am sipping on my coffee on a terrace in a public garden looking at a beautiful piece of public art. Minutes ago I was wrestling with the immense crowd of people in front of the Louvre waiting to go into the most visited museum in the world. I am thinking about how peaceful it is here compared to a few steps away. 

Look, I say to myself, there is beautiful art right here and I have the whole place to myself. 

That’s when I first had the idea for Paris Art Walk Tours. Forget the lines at the Louvre, Paris is filled with incredible art in public parks, squares and in the streets. I remember a trip to New York a few years back when I went on an architectural tour with a local architect. A local artist should give art tours around Paris, I mutter into my coffee.

Wait, I’m a local artist!

I should give art tours!

Et voilà! That is how Paris Art Walk Tours was conceived! 

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