Paris is a living museum! So skip the lines and dive right in!

After the Mona Lisa ... come see what the locals love.

Walking around Paris is one of the greatest pleasures when you visit,  but you will never look at it the same again after a Paris Art Walk Tour. Learn about Paris through the many amazing pieces of art that decorate its squares, streets, parks and bridges. Virtually everywhere you look in Paris you can find art that tells the story of Paris and the many artist who have lived and worked here. But it's not just all in the past, contemporary  shows that the city is alive and well.

Hidden Gems from artists past and present...

Let me take you to small corners that only locals know about. These small hidden treasures are what make Paris truly special. Through a small passageway, down an eerie ally, and through the mazelike world of Paris. I love art and I know where Paris hides the good stuff! 

What kind of art do you find in Paris' streets... 

Expect to discover contemporary and classic sculpture, paintings and murals, literature (yes in the streets!), music, galleries and more! On a walking tour of Paris we let the art guide us, starting in a centralized location we follow a path that teaches us what makes Paris a cultural epicenter of the world. Expect the unexpected, you never know when we will be serenaded by a violinist under an arch or drop by local cafe Ernest Hemmingway had a fist fight in. 

The grounds of the Louvre and Tuileries are rich with art. No need to squeeze in for the perfect photo.

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